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Texas 2019- Business Conference


Miram Carlinbryan

"Be Stronger than the Storm"





Elk Grove, CA

thriving through adversity
Unleashing Resilience in Life's Toughest Moments

Hi, my name is Miriam, and I empower individuals to navigate life's toughest challenges and emerge stronger than ever. Through my talks on resilience, I guide audiences on a journey of understanding that everything happens for a reason. With the right mindset, determination, and a focus on goals, I help people not only survive but thrive through adversity. My discussions delve into the intricacies of mental health, tackling issues such as imposter syndrome and unraveling root core beliefs. Together, we explore the transformative power of resilience, illuminating the path to resilience even in the darkest of times.

transformative experience

Miriam invites your group on a transformative journey, one where we delve deep into the intricacies of our belief systems and navigate the winding paths of resilience. With Miriam's guidance, we embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery and empowerment.

Together, we unravel the threads of our beliefs, understanding how they shape our perceptions and responses to life's challenges. Miriam leads us through moments of introspection and reflection, illuminating the hidden corners of our minds as we confront our deepest convictions.

As we journey onward, Miriam helps us embrace adversity as a catalyst for growth. With her insight, we learn to see obstacles not as roadblocks, but as opportunities for learning and personal development. Miriam's guidance empowers us to shift our perspectives, allowing us to view challenges through the lens of possibility and resilience.

Guided by Miriam's wisdom and encouragement, we cultivate a mindset rooted in optimism and courage. Together, we learn to navigate life's toughest moments with grace and determination, understanding that setbacks are temporary and adversity is not a barrier, but a bridge to greater strength.

Miriam's journey is one of empowerment and transformation. Through her guidance, we unlock the boundless potential that resides within each of us, discovering the transformative power of resilience in the face of adversity.

Discover Your Core Belief System

Embrace Adversity as a Catalyst for Growth

Cultivate a Mindset of Possibility and Resilience:

  • Explore and recognize the fundamental beliefs that shape your perceptions and responses to challenges.

  • Reflect on how these beliefs influence your actions and mindset during difficult times.

  • Gain insight into how understanding and adjusting these core beliefs can foster resilience and personal growth.

  • Shift your perspective to view adversity as an opportunity for learning and development.

  • Cultivate resilience by embracing challenges as stepping stones toward personal and professional growth.

  • Discover the power of resilience in overcoming obstacles and emerging stronger and more resilient than before.

  • Foster a mindset of optimism and possibility, recognizing that setbacks are temporary and can lead to new opportunities.

  • Develop resilience by building coping strategies and practicing self-care during times of stress and uncertainty.

  • Empower yourself to navigate life's toughest moments with courage, determination, and a belief in your ability to overcome adversity.

Virtual Event

Miriam is a beacon of resilience and empowerment, guiding individuals through life's formidable trials to emerge as stronger, more resilient versions of themselves. With unwavering determination and a profound belief in the power of the human spirit, Miriam embarks on a journey with her audience, illuminating the transformative path through adversity.

Born with an innate drive to uplift and inspire, Miriam's journey into the realm of resilience began with a personal quest for understanding the complexities of human experience. Drawing from her own encounters with adversity, she embarked on a path of introspection and enlightenment, uncovering the profound truth that every challenge carries within it an opportunity for growth.

As a dynamic speaker and mentor, Miriam channels her insights into captivating talks that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide. Through her compelling narratives and insightful discussions, she invites individuals to confront their deepest fears and embrace the inherent strength within.

At the heart of Miriam's message lies the conviction that resilience is not merely a trait but a skill that can be cultivated and honed. With her unique blend of empathy and expertise, she offers practical strategies for navigating the labyrinth of emotions and emerging triumphant on the other side.

Central to Miriam's philosophy is the belief that mindset is the key to unlocking one's true potential. By challenging entrenched beliefs and reframing perspectives, she empowers individuals to transcend the limitations of their circumstances and chart a course toward fulfillment and purpose.

Miriam's work extends beyond the realm of resilience to encompass the vital discourse surrounding mental health. With a keen focus on issues such as imposter syndrome and the underlying dynamics of self-perception, she shines a light on the shadows of doubt, inspiring others to embrace their authenticity and reclaim their inner strength. In a world fraught with uncertainty and adversity, Miriam stands as a guiding light, offering solace and inspiration to all those who dare to embark on the journey of self-discovery. With her unwavering commitment to the transformative power of resilience, she continues to touch hearts and change lives, one soul at a time.

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